04 May 2007


I had to follow up. I managed to clear up the garage - not really clean it, but shuffle things around; tossed a few boxes, got bit by a few spiders, emptied out some trash, bit by a few more spiders, stacked like on top of like, argh - another spider bite and I was soooo done!!

I'm sure to a stranger's eye it looks something akin to an abyss, but to mine? Ah bliss, it was a minor miracle to say the least. The sprinkler man and landlord have a direct path to the sprinkler system, and should make the trek with narry a bite. Lucky them, I counted five last I checked, but had to stop given the rather severe case of heebiejeebies I'd suddenly developed. I'm breathing fairly well, so must assume the monstrous black widow I envisoned failed to exist. I'm thankful I did not manifest that fear today!

And now to the inside, where I am intent on progress towards a cleaner home tonight so that tomorrow I may be Present with my children.

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