14 October 2007

The Magic of a Child's hugs

Feeling so much better now. I took some time to stop thinking, just be and breathe. My youngest walked up, wrapped her arms around me and we just were - for a moment, but a blissful moment. I swear her hugs are pure magic that warm me from my toes to my nose, all around and back in through her. It's that special warmth full of magic and love. Not far behind her came my son, down from his angry outburst (most likely covering hurt feelings and the overtiredness resulting from a weekend filled with far too many parties.) His hugs are different and speak of a magic shared between us, unspoken but real and strengthening us both. There's an intensity there, just under the surface, ready to burst forth in spurts of rage or laughter - whichever promises faster release. Yet, once loose, destined to be replaced by more in a nanosecond. How quickly they grow, I think to myself, and hold tighter for as long as he'll allow. Truly there is magic to be shared here, if only for the briefest of moments, and I intend to cherish and relish every second of it that I can.

Blessed Be

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