03 April 2008

Can one claim Writer's Block but still Blog?

My Master's application sits on the desk incomplete. The essay looms monstrously on the periphery, incessantly nagging and laughing at my inability to express myself on paper. How's that you say? What do you call what you're doing right this very minute. But this is so different. This is free streaming to a non-existant (or nearly so) audience. Moreover, however few people actually give a rat's pattoutti about the mixed musings shared via this blog, they do not hold sway over the direction of my future. The admissions committee, however, holds a uniquely different position. Prove that I write well, care deeply about education, and can manage a rigorous course of study and I'm in. I don't question the validity of those points; the questions remains on how best to creatively express all that in a manner that stands out as memorable and unique. Of course, this case of writer's block may well rest comfortably in the fact that I am deathly afraid of being judged. I'll close by inviting the Muse of Inspiration to visit, and soon.