02 April 2008

Life's been crazy - as usual

Not posting for long stretches of time seems to go hand in hand with, well - chaos. Whether it's the chaos of single motherhood, multitasking on far too many tasks, or sheer disorganization I'm not sure. In truth, all of the above combined with a good dose of laziness - or is that fear, share the spotlight and culpability. My brain holds far too many thoughts and topics for such a tiny space, and my trip to the torture chamber, I mean dentist, this morning didn't help in the least!

On children: Ugh, I need to devise a crafty plan to motivate my 10 and 8 year old to help out around the house more. Again, I need to look to myself for the origin of the problems. It's simply much easier to do it myself than it is to listen to the assorted whines, groans, and complaints. That does nothing for the kids in the long run, and certainly nothing for my ailing back or sanity. Consistency, yes it's a virtue - just not one I posses or practice often.

On politics: I spent so much time making phone calls, working on databases, and everything I could to get out the caucus on Feb. 5th that I fizzled. Stepping back, I realize just how much time my children missed while I immersed myself into getting votes for Obama to attend our precinct caucus. Now, much as I'd love to continue phone banking, volunteering time, etc., there are far too many things that left unattended could wreak havoc on our lives. I showed up as a delegate for the county convention, and somehow my name appeared on the just released lists as a delegate to the state and an alternate to the Congressional district conventions. Yikes. Showing up to those go into the Must Do column, but yikes.

On the home front: To move or not to move. If we move I'm out a net $1400 and don't know how to make it up. If we stay I cover bills through end of August, but my bills increase drastically each month. Over a year the two options are a wash, but the difference between being out a lump sum NOW and a smaller amount spread out. Me thinks we stay, and pray.

School and work: The back injury still bites. I hired the attorney a year ago, and my standing seems to have shifted only microscopically toward getting some help, medical attention, and assistance for job training. In the meantime, I've applied for and earned acceptance to a highly competitive one year teaching internship. Now for my Master's application. Given acceptance for that I'll have a masters and my teaching license a year from now. In the world of economically struggling, totally not making it, and can't work as a nurse anymore - major achievements all around. Not to mention work that paves a path to self sufficiency and the day when fixing my children's teeth doesn't invite nightmares to my pillow. But how to get through that year without a flippin income!?!?! Yep, you heard me - No Income, it's a full time, unpaid, student teaching plus classes. Oy vey! That said, opportunities like this don't come around often, and applicants faced incredible competition getting in. Again, I say go for it, and PRAY.

My things to do list continues to grow exponentially. I tend to think that a 25% completion rate represents success in our house. Time for a time management course, right? Please, forget the fact that my father, business consultant extraordinaire, taught time management and assisted rather larger corporations like IBM and Lockhead Martin figure out that dilemma with hundreds of thousands of employees. My blood runs rich with information on how to do all this, it's the application of the knowledge that I continuously stumble over. Perhaps that explains my infrequent blogging.

Time to attack today's to do list. I already managed the 25% mark, so I wonder - does that make the rest a bonus? (Joking, totally joking!)