22 April 2008

Literacy Night & the Great Thinkers Convention

Our elementary school held an ice cream social in combination with our 2nd annual Literacy Night. Last year I begged off and talked their Dad into taking them. It was going to be a bunch of presentations from the principal, and a few educational games. I hold nothing against educational games, mind you, but in that setting - no thanks! This year, however, the school decided our kids would share their literary masterpieces with us, and I walked away quite impressed. My lovely second grader read one of her (or was it her teacher's) favorite poems. I absolutely adored this and all of her poetry!

I know she was phenomenally embarrassed to read in front of all the parents, so I understand the hidden face and give great kudos for reading it so well. Of course we wanted to clap, but we'd promised to hold the applause until each group finished. That's really a torturous thing to do to parents, lol.

Following the K-2nd portion of the evening, 3rd - 5th grades help their presentations. Let me just say here that my proverbial hat's off to those parents that have more than one child in any grade grouping. This is the first, and unfortunately only, time we've had the pleasure of watching the full presentation of each child at seperate times. This is a good thing, as I've not yet perfected the art of being in two places at once, or time travel. 4th grade used Literacy Night as the culmination of their giant research projects.

By this point they'd researched a Great Thinker, written notecards and a nice long research paper (please let it be long, well organized, and detailed enough!) Tonight they dress up as their great thinker, and when the button on their desk is pushed, they become that Great Thinker telling us everything we've ever wanted to know about their lives. Mind you, this is for a grade, and it's taking place after a large amount of ice cream at 7 o'clock at night. Ouch all the way around!! The costumes look amazing and relatively accurate, and the presentation came off rather well for a couple of 10 year old boys! You'll see ours on the right, and probably notice he's not got far to surpass me in height!!

In my Completely unbiased opinion, those boys look so handsome - don't ya think?

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