06 September 2008

Blogging in Absentia

Life is, as usual, beyond hectic and full of far too many responsibilities, yet I find myself ignoring my To Do list in lieu of perusing Digg, huffpo, Media Matters and Americablog. I do both myself and my country a disservice by sitting here, and have come to view it as blogging in absentia. Will anything I posted sway a single voter? Did I convince anyone to register to vote? Do I reveal the truth of the issues to another. Perhaps I made some minute contribution on that last, but for the rest I accomplish nothing.

Don't get me wrong. I value the information I read on Americablog, the information that reaches me through Digg fans. Today, however, I experienced a kind of awakening, the realization that this chosen method of sharing views and news reaches but a small number of eyes and ears, and usually those who completely agree or disagree with what I write, post, or link to. In the mean time, my house sits in disarray, the laundry monster grows in appetite and girth, and my children search for a nonexistent, non present mother caught up in a virtual world of political insight that simply cannot hope to alter the course of the election in November.

My promise to myself, to my children, and my community involves turning off and tuning out the blogs, committing to my work and homework, spending time with my family, and if time permits, an honest effort to participate in Voter Registration drives. This election looks far too close than it should. I sense republican dissent and desperation so intense, and an intent to deceive and steal the election. The only answer to these tactics lies in turning out voters in such overwhelming numbers they drown out the GOP tactics that stole the last two elections.

Let's change the direction of the winds and tide in this election. With a clean house and clear mind, I intend to Get Out the Vote in November for my community. Join me in this effort by going to and find out where you too can get effect the greatest change. It's not Obama '08, it's America '08 - and only Obama has the audacity of hope and the courage to lead us there!

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