23 February 2009

And then he turned eleven

Time flies, regardless of what we do, or where we concentrate our focus. Lately, mine rested firmly in his illness, the headaches, and all the negatives of today. So much so, it turns out, that we barely celebrated his birthday on Saturday. At the last minute, he asked if we could please do something magical. I turned on an Enya song the kids used to fall asleep to, the three of us sat on his bed, and we simply connected - became present and fully In the Moment. Amazingly, the song ended and in the second that the clock turned to the hour and minute of his birth eleven short years ago - utter quite and Peace filled the room. None of us could have planned this, yet the timing was perfect. In the span of three minutes we transitioned from the chaotic, frustrated, almost angry feeling of recent days to a peaceful, fully present and connected moment of togetherness that carried us to the exact moment of his eleventh birthday. My son asked for something magical, and in the end - he gifted us all with the most inspiring magical moment possible.

I look at you and marvel, at how quickly you've grown, at the deep thinker and intuitive mind you bring to this world, and I catch brief glimpses of the wonders and gifts you come prepared to share with those around you. I see so much in you, and find every bit awe inspiring - a natural leader, healer, a caring friend with ears and a heart that truly listen and seek understanding, an innovator seeking new and before unseen approaches to both everyday and complex problems. I find myself excited to watch you grow into the adult I know you'll become, and simultaneously committed to slowing down the inevitable nearness of that day. That you bring a vast array of gifts and an abundance of love and creativity into the world and to your family and loved ones goes without saying. All who meet and get to know you sense in an instant the import of your presence in our lives. At the same time, I sense the excitement of much that remains unseen, itching just below the surface to spread great waves of inspiration and good fortune through your actions and work in the decades ahead of you.

I am so grateful for you, for your presence in my life, and the gift or your existence. Happy Birthday Bear!

Always and Forever,

17 February 2009

Now this is what I call One Happy Monkey

I've got some smart kiddos. Instead of going for a special, yet cheap birthday dinner just for themselves, they chose to combine dinner and have one extra nice dinner for both birthdays. Now, for kids turning nine and eleven, I'm thinking that's pretty darn good. Then, at dinner, I realized fairly quickly that they already knew what they'd gotten one another for birthday presents. Again, they chose to each open one from their dad and I tonight, plus gifts from each other. Come Saturday they'll open the other gift from their dad and I (okay, from me), plus presents from big Sis and brother in law to be. Like I said, their pretty darn smart!! Now my camera, not so much. It has a low light, flash setting that seemed to blur every picture. At least it captured the moment she received the Chimp Webkinz from her brother, and just in time too. Her Webkinz membership was set to expire in two days, and her brother remembered!!

These kids sure know how to make Mom happy. I can't wait for Saturday when they open the last birthday present. Knowing that my handsome little fella gets on here to read my blog occasionally, I can't afford to drop any hints - but it'll certainly keep them happy through next fall! ;)

Any guesses on where they chose for Birthday Dinner Madness?

15 February 2009

Happy Birthday Angel!

I still remember the night before you entered this world, talking to your Aunt Koko about your name, and how it needed to be special. What came to us constitutes Divine Inspiration. You truly are a Gift from God, and a reminder to Live - to embrace Life and all the Beauty this life encompasses. You bring such joy to our world, fill our days with laughter and wonder.

I struggle to understand and believe that my Baby, the youngest of the three of you turned Nine today. That your time with me, wanting to be in the same home with me, draws to it's midpoint seems inconceivable. I long to hold you in my arms the same as I did nine short years ago. I strive to hold back, allow you to stumble and fall when necessary - but this comes harder every day, every moment, for while I know each lesson builds you stronger, I so want to protect you - from the hurts and the ouches, and all those things I know you can handle with your incredible strength and grace of being.

Just know how truly grateful I am for the Gift of your presence in my life, and how truly much I love you. Happiest of Birthdays, Darling.