17 February 2009

Now this is what I call One Happy Monkey

I've got some smart kiddos. Instead of going for a special, yet cheap birthday dinner just for themselves, they chose to combine dinner and have one extra nice dinner for both birthdays. Now, for kids turning nine and eleven, I'm thinking that's pretty darn good. Then, at dinner, I realized fairly quickly that they already knew what they'd gotten one another for birthday presents. Again, they chose to each open one from their dad and I tonight, plus gifts from each other. Come Saturday they'll open the other gift from their dad and I (okay, from me), plus presents from big Sis and brother in law to be. Like I said, their pretty darn smart!! Now my camera, not so much. It has a low light, flash setting that seemed to blur every picture. At least it captured the moment she received the Chimp Webkinz from her brother, and just in time too. Her Webkinz membership was set to expire in two days, and her brother remembered!!

These kids sure know how to make Mom happy. I can't wait for Saturday when they open the last birthday present. Knowing that my handsome little fella gets on here to read my blog occasionally, I can't afford to drop any hints - but it'll certainly keep them happy through next fall! ;)

Any guesses on where they chose for Birthday Dinner Madness?

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