28 March 2009

Uber Frustrations of an Angry MommaKat

Today everything is driving me batty, from the homework I can’t seem to finish, to children and belated birthday parties. It doesn’t help that I haven’t been to sleep before 3 a.m. the entire break, or that this isn’t any kind of break I’ve ever heard of. It certainly doesn’t help that I feel deeply resentful of my mentor and the lack of preplanning or latitude given me in my efforts to co-teach. So here I am, less than 36 hours outside of soloing, and I am not ready – not even close to ready. I don’t even know where to begin. Do I start with the math lesson that must be prepared, solidified and emailed by tomorrow afternoon? Do I move to the mammoth social studies unit slated to begin Tuesday, or simply go with the canned lesson, thereby jeopardizing the human motivation paper due in less than a month? Do I read the two books I’ve been trying to wade through, or do I spend time with my children, one of whom seems to still struggle with debilitating headaches and the after effects? None of the above seems possible given the pressing needs of all the others crowing for my attention. In the end, I believe it is time to choose sleep, sanity, and delay the ill timed meeting of the minds set for tomorrow afternoon. 

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