20 April 2009


Why is it that anytime we find ourselves completely overloaded with life, we struggle with where to start, what to do or tackle next? It would make sense to just pick one, one thing no matter where on the list of all that MUST be done, or one of the top five. Instead I find myself paralyzed, whether by fear of failure or an inability to think my way through a coherent sentence, I sit here accomplishing little.

Papers to write, boxes to pack, applications to fill and submit, pre-employment personality assessments, people to please – and that’s without taking into consideration my most important job of all, a mother to my children. I want desperately to sit and play, laugh and cuddle, simply BE with them. Instead I turn to my work, and the blank slate of my mind. Whatever comes out and onto paper, something is most certainly better than nothing. 

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