23 May 2009

What Teachers Make

Sharing this clip in honor of my ongoing shift to blogging reflections on teaching, and having invited my motivation class colleagues to my personal blog space. Taylor Mali is one of my favorite poets (some describe him as a comedian, but he is a self describe poet). I thought I'd share the first video I ever saw from him as it captures my motivation for entering this field. On YouTube, you'll find he has his own channel, to which you can subscribe. Definitely check out Like Lily Like Wilson as well!

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Toward the Positive said...

Wow, Kir! Powerful stuff. I remember reading this about three years ago on the back of door in the restroom in the teacher's bathroom. It was profound to me then, and I ripped it off the door and borrowed it to make a quick copy for myself. But hearing Taylor Mali say/shout it on this video brought it to life for me. Teachers do make a huge difference in the lives of their students. I remember the really, really good ones ... and I remember the really, really bad ones. It's powerful stuff to know that you and I are going to be remembered by our students from this year for the rest of their lives. I try to remember that on a daily basis as I seek to balance the "what should get done" as far as the curriculum is concerned with the "what should get done" as far as their whole selves - body, mind and spirit - are concerned. Thanks for sharing this!