10 June 2009

The best motivation video

My head feels full of conflicting ideas about motivation, goals, whether or not we can ever truly perceive a goal as completely withing our control and / or doable, I set out to approach the day with a more positive attitude. My success at even this felt floundering and insufficient, at least until a friend posted this video on facebook. I don't know who the true author of the video is, this on YouTube, or the gentleman who posted on FB. Regardless, it is truly inspirational and ties together my thoughts about the importance of failure, and the importance of pursuing even potentially unachievable goals. Perhaps I fall short of the goal this time, but with each successive attempt I am guaranteed to come closer. And truly, that is all that matters.


Toward the Positive said...

This was wonderful! So much of how we are "judged" externally by others is not a true reflection of who we are as a person or our capabilities.

Human Motivation said...

I also really enjoyed this video. It does not have very many words but it speaks volumes. Thanks for posting it.

1johnson said...

You are a profound writer. I have just read everyone of your blogs just today. I am amazed. Not that I didn't believe you were capable, but by your honesty and how you articulate the words to paper. I understand your self-doubt. Most us have it. I understand your fears. We all have fears. I can relate. You are not alone in your confusion. We all have confusion in our lives to some degree or level. Most of us do not show it, but it is there. Some of us have a harder path to walk and I don't no why? But we do! I have always believed God does not give us more than we can handle, even though, we might think it is more than we can handle. You are an incredibly strong person. Much stronger than I. Your self-doubt is only from with-in. You are a strong example to your children. I am amazed by you. You have my respect and friendship.