16 June 2009

Agony of 'de Feet

Waiting for my appointment at the doctor office was definitely not my brightest move. Now that I failed to go in in a timely manner, my foot is decidedly keeping me awake. What do I do with that new found, currently unwanted, extra time? I figure out how to blog via cell phone! How insane is that? Have I nothing better to do with my time? For instance, figuring out how to sleep despite the throbbing foot might just make better sense. The irony given some of the discussions I've had with classmates and friends about the role of technology in our lives, in lost family time, in the classroom and whether that's positive or not... I find that as much as I love new technology, my geeky fondness of all things computerized results in a distinct loss of productivity and sleep. Don't get me wrong, I'm not blaming the gadgets and I recognize it is a choice that I make. It is, however, one more thing to illustrate the truly double edged nature of the bells and whistles in our lives.

Ooh, I think I just bored myself enough to finally fall asleep, and there's no computer to turn off. Huh, imagine that - I managed to find a silver lining even in this. ;)

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Toward the Positive said...

Great post, Kir. And as much as I talk about the appropriateness/ inappropriateness of techno in the classroom and with my kid, I'm an addict. Now I've have to add blog and online class to my list of things to check during the day in addition to email and facebook. Sometimes I forget to check my phone messages! So I hear you. Good luck at the doctor's today!