04 September 2010


I sit here sipping my coffee, feeling particularly quiet and reflective this morning, aware that I am constantly in the presence of Greatness - of unyielding, unconditional love, strength, and inspiration. Two people in my life, ladies who I admire deeply, share their ongoing struggle with breast cancer; one newly diagnosed, and one facing a recurrence that is inoperable. Both women choose to embrace life, seek the positive, and share their journeys with us, revealing a strength I can only hope to attain. Their words, imbued with love of family, friends, and the gift of our lives, remind me to recognize and feel gratitude for all that I have.

It is so easy to get caught up in the small things, to focus on the momentary negative, but I am reminded that the negative is but fleeting when we choose to acknowledge and embrace all that is positive and enduring in our lives. A long time ago, I remember that small internal voice saying 'I choose life,' still in that quiet, sometimes hard to hear manner, but with such force and conviction it rocked my bones and coursed through my veins, altering how I perceived my life at that moment. I never, ever regretted the decisions and events that small moment brought into being. In fact, I have the most amazingly beautiful, vibrant and unique daughter who brings wonder to my heart as a result. I realized, however, that in the course of life and the challenges we face, I forgot to hold on to the meaning of that choice - the past that came before does not, cannot matter. I picked that past back up, returned to viewing the negatives, the wrongs, and in doing so have allowed them to shape and define my life and my outlook once again.

I simply forgot that focusing on the negative freezes us in time, makes it that which is enduring. Through the grace and strength of these two friends, I am reminded that I am in charge of my outlook, of how I perceive the challenges before me. I am reminded of the strength and monumental force behind those three quiet words, I choose Life Reconnecting with that feeling, that moment, results in a dizzying shifting of focus and attitude. People, places, and events shine through a different light, one that highlights the hope and blessings gained through experience, and through the love and support of family and friends. Yes, today I feel quiet, reflective; blessed by the people who choose to be part of my existence. Today, I look deep within and hear much more loudly my own internal self, and I Choose Life with all the love and happiness that brings.

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Kirsten Nelson said...

In private email I've been questioned about favoritism. Yes, I have three amazing children who fill and complete my life in unique and different ways. I love and adore all of them, equally and unconditionally. This post refers to a decision I had to make - it does not focus solely on one child, but how the decision I made led to her becoming a part of our family.