19 July 2011

Career, Family, & Health

Our mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health comprise the four foundations of a happy life. I know this, believe this, and yet the angst I've allowed myself to experience over work, my availability to my kids and their needs, the time I spend on my own health care (or lack thereof) prove otherwise. Why in the world do we do this to ourselves? We know what constitutes "Best for Me" and yet, so often, we fail to make time for those activities and elements in our lives. The stress and craziness of the many perceived Must Do's distract us from what is most essential. As I sit back and contemplate what really takes precedence in my life, family clearly takes first place. I realize now that those who don't choose to allow that choice have no place in our lives, be they bosses, friends, or colleagues. Rather than spend hours rallying against the unfairness of a boss who chose to penalize employees for recognizing right action and implementing this in our lives, I choose instead to honor that choice and recognize that I've opened space for something better, something greater, to enter my life. Chances are, whatever that is will prove better for our family all around. In the meantime, I thank the universe for always being honorable, and place my faith in the Golden Rule.

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