20 January 2012

Oatmeal & Spike

My daughter just loves to invite Oatmeal for breakfast, but whenever she does Spike insists he come along. Spike is the kind who doesn't wait for an invitation, and definitely over stays his welcome regardless of how many clues we give that we're really quite done with his visit. Invite Oatmeal for breakfast, and Spike generally hangs around through mid morning, which is also N's school lunch time.

Today took the cake though. There's simply overstaying one's welcome, and then there's the truly obnoxious. I guess Spike decided it was his turn to play the part of exceedingly obnoxious as he hung around through lunch, on into Science, and straight through to basket ball practice. Spike's not exactly quiet about his presence. He pretty much shouts I'm Here! with abundant irritation, elicits short tempers, and many snide remarks. I guess it's just attention seeking, but he caused N a lot of upset, triggered a crazy bad headache, and even tied her stomach up in knots.

I'm just glad he's gone and won't be there when I pick her up from practice, especially after our last conversation. N, nearly in tears, begged to understand why Spike wouldn't just Go Away. We brainstormed through some ideas to evict her unwanted guest, and I'm thinking he must have been eavesdropping 'cuz half way through practice he just up and left, without even saying goodbye. Oh, maybe that's for the best.

I do have to tell her we can't invite Pizza for dinner like we planned. I know Brother Bear has a game tonight, but if we invite Pizza, Spike's gonna want to come back. And if Spike show's up for dinner, he'll likely end up spending the night!!

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