08 February 2012

On health, well being, and the need for sleep

Miss N now has pneumonia, and whatever bug caused this less than fun trip down sickascanbe road has me lagging not too far behind. It's amazing the effect disrupted sleep cycles have on the proper functioning of our immune system and our overall mood. Bottom line - we need sleep, preferably sooner than later.

With that in mind, I finally bit the bullet and created a page I've waffled on putting together. Who does this?! I've asked myself repeatedly. Tonight the answer rang loud and clear - people desperate for a return to some semblance of normalcy, but unable to gather the resources to do so on their own, that's who. In fact, that is me,  right now. Watching our children struggle with health concerns outside their realm of control proves a humbling process, one I've been through previously, just not to the same, never ending extent. Humbling. Eye opening. Particularly adept at shining a spot light on false pride and the tendency to 'go it alone'.

Unhappy with the panoramic view created by this piercing light, I now bring to you a work of art in progress - our own little medical fundraiser, and way of asking for help and support. This is a new adventure for us, and the path may well still need cut - but now we've set out in search of our destination, I feel committed getting there, and invite you to come along with us, right on into the land of CGM and insulin pump therapy.

You can read more here on Miss N's New Lease on Life Fundraiser and we hope to see you along the way!!

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Tracy1918 said...

Hi! I just found you on the Children with Diabetes website. Looking forward to getting to know you!!