03 March 2012

On the Lighter Side

As the kids & I look forward to a day filled with laughter, I am reminded of a deep seated belief. Laughter truly  is the best medicine. Before I veered towards nursing, much of my undergrad track was spent preparing for a life of medical research. (Yes, I really do like research that much.) I actually wrote a lengthy paper on the power of the human mind and uncovered mounds of supportive research detailing the power of both prayer, positive thinking, and especially laughter in improving our health. Though I don't think we need the scientific jargon and hours of research data to tell us what we intuitively know - it just feels good to laugh, to smile even. Force yourself to smile, right now, and pay attention to how your body reacts. Chances are, you felt a change, even if a subtle one. 

Countless moments in my life transformed from potentially painful to miraculously wonderful thanks to power of laughter - no joke. My first kiddo wasn't simply breach, labor was a nightmare, and then a Bob Hope special hit the airwaves and filled my hospital room. Holy Cow, but his guests that night - including Sammy Davis, Jr. made me laugh so hard I nearly.... well never mind that. The point is, laughter, when we leave room for it in our lives, can transform just about everything. That's part of what I loved about hospice nursing - the incredible moments of laughter shared with family and loved ones of which I was blessed to be a part. 

Life with D causes a fair amount of stress at times, and lately we've allowed this to drag us down. So, today  Big Sis (aka Honey Bees) and her husband Monster are taking the kids, their dad, and I to see the Harlem Globe Trotters. I simply can't wait, not just to be marveled at the amazing feats of Basketball Wizardry, but at the chance to spend an entire day with family simply Laughing. For a moment, I nearly got caught up in the drama of what the event center will and won't allow, the fight to get in with all of Miss N's D supplies intact. But I made a promise to the kids and myself - today we give ourselves over to the beauty of humor and laughter in our lives. Everything else? I trust the universe is honorable, enjoys a good laugh, and all will fall into place. 

Is there room for laughter in your life today? 

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