08 April 2012

Happy Easter Mom

The video basically speaks for itself. Happy Easter to all who celebrate, and happy Sunday to those of other faiths.

And now, to brag about my kids...(the fact that I recorded myself, and went through with publishing, speaks to the greatness of this brag.)

The kids contributed to each other's baskets this year, and Brother Bear also put together the coolest scavenger hunt for Miss N to find her basket. Seriously, he utilized every level of our town house and most of the rooms. He's brilliant with this stuff! If you ever need a great scavenger hunt for your kids birthday party, you should hire him.

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Kirsten Nelson said...

Just a quick clarification. "You can't fault them for that..." doesn't imply a lack of consequence or responsibility to clean up after one's self - just that it's a typical teen / parent challenge.