08 April 2012

Taking a Plunge & Doing the Unthinkable

     Several things happened over the last week. Miss N's new pump failed in her first week of pumping. Nope, not joking. It didn't record a bolus, but she very clearly receive it, and more. In less than 2 hours from lunch she went low, disconnected for over 2 hours, & only came up to 102. Unbelievable.
There's the sleeping through a night check alarm (far too common lately)I blogged about. I still shudder at finally waking to blaring alarms, a BG of 59 and stone cold, dead weight daughter. Could not budge, wake, get her to drink in her sleep, or even pry her lips open for cake gel. 
     You know how people talk with their hands? I also think with my hands, meaning one hand was in her kit rummaging for glucagon and cell phone in the dark, the other touching and attempting to open her lips. Poor kid, she jerked, squealed in disorientation, and finally grabbed and sucked down two juices without word. Thank. God. 
     After that, I helped troubleshoot another two lows during the short half day, but it's the after school that kills me. Sitting in the car, I just had a feeling. Momtuition, you know? I called her even though volleyball had just started 15 minutes before. N answered on first ring, and sounded down right confuzzled. Why was she sitting on the gym floor, oblivious to careening volleyballs and shrieking sixth grade friends? Probably the 58 on her meter, followed by juice, fruit strips and... dog nab it, another 59. When I say out of it, I mean walking in circles, repeating half sentences, and the teacher turned full time pancreas (me) suggesting we leave her backpack and homework at school. 
I promptly emailed her PA at the endo center, but apparently her numbers look grand - no changes. Are you kidding me?! I've suspended her pump multiple times to deal with lows. They persist, proving hard to treat. How is this grand? 
So despite the hate mail I continue to receive for my apparent audacity at fund raising for medical expenses, we're getting the CGM, and we're getting it now. Fund raiser is only half way there, but I'd rather not eat in addition to not sleeping myself than risk the unthinkable. That's 36 lows in the first week and two days of pumping. They haven't been the lowest of the lows, but they've proved the most symptomatic and scary. 
Now to figure out how we're going to hear those darn alarms. It's no longer possible to purchase a stand alone Guardian. If we want a stand alone, it's MySentry or nothing. That's a bittersweet note.  Guess I need to up that fund raising goal, or figure out how to work multiple jobs at one time. 

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