06 April 2013

Musings of One Mixed Up Momma

Tonight brings a long anticipated, much needed, blissful sleepover away from home - for Miss N that is. That thought, swirling among my fuzzy neurons, buoys them with a sense of hope much needed. Sleep. Uninterrupted, luxurious sleep. God, I need that.

But wait...

Saturday? Crap, I need to change her site. And her sensor. Okay - move it to the morning. What's slightly more than half a day early going to harm? Outside my pocket book, that is.

Damn. She woke up on the low end and dropping steady. Need to delay infusion site and sensor change. Maybe before lunch, right after her hair appointment. I should be able to help with homework, work on the website, get some laundry in, and clean one bathroom before doing that. Right?

Wrong. A low, a high, feeling nauseous with trace ketones. (What the hell was that about?! A kink? Air bubble?) Troubleshoot all of that successfully - whew, being a pancreas is tough work. Now let's get back to that site...

What do you mean it's lunch time and dex shows you're rising steady? Can't your liver be like your pancreas and skip it's job for a bit? Dumb question. I like the life saving aspect of glycogen dumps - just wish they were timed better.

Deep breath. Lunch over, waited 90 minutes for insulin on board to hit its peak, BG 145 and there's still 1.45u active. Hmmm, it's dicey. My mind goes over all the variables. She's due at her friends in... LESS THAN TWO HOURS!! Ack! How will we know if the site's working? The sensor?

Oh no - I forgot to put the load in the dryer. Rats. (Because, right now - this very minute - is obviously the best time to think of this.)

We come up with a plan. Lukewarm shower, timer set to one minute. If I can insert the site in 2m, the sensor in one and drop her off 30m late, we'll know that it's working. Of course, if it fails, we're sunk. If it kinks... oh the horror. Guess I'll cross that bridge when we get there.

Wonder what the rest of my to do list looks like...

Nothing else is checked off.

And that is a day in the life of a pseudo pancreas. In fact, it's a relatively mellow, not so bad day in the life. Guess I wont' be sleeping uninterrupted tonight after all. Miss N will have to text every two-and-a-half to three hours until we're sure Dex and Lola are working together (CGM), and that her site's flowing nicely. Maybe next time.

I guess I can catch those last two episodes of The Walking Dead. At least I know that will keep me awake, and I might get to enjoy a glass - make that half a glass, of wine. ;)

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