21 October 2019

Illness Makes Me Emotional

Every notice how the worse you feel, the more emotional you get? Maybe that's not the case for everyone, but for me? Yeah. I imagine part of that lies in the fact that I need to get to a doctor - have needed to for quite some time. But I simply cannot afford it - financially or temporally, so I convince myself that I'm fine, that it's nothing. Just like millions of Americans do day in and day out. We do not have a healthcare system that supports or values us, but rather a non system that serves to make accessing necessary care difficult - so difficult that we give up and seek care when we can no longer avoid the need, when our concerns become emergent and cost the most. I know this, have lived it with each of my three children, through my own journey with cancer and autoimmune illness. I continue to live this through my patients, my students, my neighbors and those I fight for. Our lives should never be for profit, but they are.
I know of only one politician who actively fights this - has consistently fought this, and continues to do so. It should come as no surprise that I vehemently support his candidacy for president. No other politician possesses the consistency, perseverance and tenacity. No other politician's record depicts the undying commitment to championing the human rights of ALL citizens, the awareness of the brokenness of our system, or the root of the ills that plague us - nor do they possess the record of consistency in fighting for what is right despite it being difficult, unpopular or the opposite of politically expedient.
Mainstream media continues in its efforts to malign his career, his person, and has joined in a concerted effort to Blackout the sheer momentum of Bernie's campaign. I suggest they stop and learn from lessons past - the MSM shares in the culpability for the current disastrous state of affairs in the US. Their efforts, in large part, brought our country the Trump Presidency. Ignore the lies of the MSM and establishment politicians hell bent on preserving the status quo and instead, take the time to listen to what we fight for. 
With that in mind, I leave you with this:
and this:

These do not represent political stunts - they represent our despicable reality, and the efforts of one man to fight the good fight for decades. He continues to fight. We choose to fight alongside him. Join us. 

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