30 October 2019

It's Not Me - It's Us!

When Bernie says "It's not me, It's Us" he means it. The work we do together, our will and our voices combined, creates change. The term 'The American Dream' and everything the ideal America that stands for encompasses the notion that every voice matters, every life matters, the health of every citizen matters, the ability of every citizen - the working poor, the disabled, the rich, the middle class - EVERY citizen - to a reasonable, quality standard of living. 

The political establishment - be they Democratic or Republican, lost sight of this long ago. Whether willfully or out of absolute disconnect, they neither understand nor care to understand the plight of those who struggle. The sad fact that the majority of US citizens belong to this lesser group escapes them or matters not - and to be frank, the latter appears more likely. 

The call to fight not just for one's self but for every brother and sister - those we know and those we do not, lies at the foundation of what society means. We are social beings and by virtue of living in a society, must fight for one another, strangers, friends and family alike. 

Here's the full context of that quote. 
It's important.                                              

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